Abigail Stickford


  • Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (2013-2015) - Institute for Exercise and Environmental Medicine, Dallas, TX, Emphasis: Cardiovascular and Autonomic Function
  • Ph.D. (2013) - Indiana University, Bloomington, IN - Human Performance-Exercise Physiology
  • M.S. (2009) - Indiana University, Bloomington, IN - Exercise Physiology
  • B.A. (2007) - DePauw University, Greencastle, IN - Kinesiology

Current Teaching

  • ES 2005 - Introduction to Physiological Assessment
  • ES 2020 - Measurement and Evaluation in Exercise Science
  • ES 4200 - Exercise for Special Populations

Professional Affiliations/Organizations

  • American College of Sports Medicine
    • Strategic Health Initiative - Women, Sport, and Physical Activity Committee (2015-2017)
  • American College of Sports Medicine, Southeast Chapter

Laboratory Affiliation

Research Interests

  • Autonomic (neural) control of circulation (e.g., blood pressure, blood flow) and vascular function under conditions of health, stress (e.g., pregnancy, exercise), and disease
  • Sex differences in cardiopulmonary physiology
  • Relationships between kinematics and ventilatory, cardiovascular, and metabolic parameters during exercise

Current/upcoming projects include: a) the effects of anxiety on psychobiological indicators of physiological stress, b) a comparison of neural cardiovascular control in physically active and sedentary young women, and c) sympathetic neural control of blood pressure and vascular function in obese women during pregnancy.

Select Publications

Full bibliography can be found here.

ResearchGate Profile

Stute N.L., Stickford J.L., Province V.M., Augenreich M.A., Ratchford S.M., Stickford A.S.L. COVID-19 is getting on our nerves: Sympathetic neural activity and hemodynamics in young adults recovering from SARS-CoV-2. The Journal of Physiology. [Online ahead of print]. doi: 10.1113/JP281888.

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Title: Assistant Professor, PhD, Human Performance, Graduate Faculty

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