Adam Hege


  • BA, Athletic Training, University of North Carolina, Wilmington, 2003
  • MS, Sport Studies, High Point University, 2006
  • MPA, Public Management, Appalachian State University, 2011
    • Capstone Project: Physical Activity Promotion in Urban Areas – Content Analysis of the Nine Largest Metropolitan Parks and Recreation Departments in North Carolina
  • PhD, Community Health Education, University of North Carolina, Greensboro, 2015
    • Dissertation: The Relationship between Long-Haul Truck Drivers' Work Organization and Body Mass Index (BMI), Waist Circumference, and Cardio-Metabolic Disease Risk

Current Teaching

  • Professional Development in Public Health (PH 2400)
  • Health Policy, Ethics & Law (PH 4600)

Professional Affiliations

  • American Public Health Association (APHA)
  • Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE)
  • North Carolina Society for Public Health Education (NC SOPHE)
  • North Carolina Public Health Association (NCPHA)

Research Interests

  • Social determinants of health
  • Occupational/Worksite health and safety
  • Health disparities among rural communities
  • Community-based participatory research

Selected Publications Since 2015

(*student, **community partner)

Bouldin, E.D., Vandenberg, A.*, Roy, M., Hege, A., Zwetsloot, J.J., Howard, J.S. (2020). Prevalence and Domains of Disability within and outside Appalachian North Carolina: 2013-2016 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System. Disability and Health Journal. DOI:

Roy, M., Bouldin. E.D., Bennett, M.*, Hege, A.  (2019). Adult food security and the relationship with Adverse Childhood Experiences among residents of Appalachian North Carolina. Journal of Appalachian Health, 1(3): 17-26. DOI:

Hege, A., Lemke, M.K., Apostolopoulos, Y., & Sönmez, S. (2019). The Impact of Work Organization, Job Stress, and Sleep on the Health Behaviors and Outcomes of U.S. Long-Haul Truck Drivers. Health Education & Behavior, 46(4):626-636.

Hege, A., Lemke, M.K., Apostolopoulos, Y., Whitaker, B., & Sönmez, S. (2019). Work-life conflict among U.S. long-haul truck drivers: Influences of work organization, perceived job stress, sleep, and organizational support. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 16(6):984.

Hege, A., Lemke, M.K., Apostolopoulos, Y., & Sönmez, S. (2018). Occupational health disparities among U.S. long-haul truck drivers: the influence of work organization and sleep on cardiovascular and metabolic disease risk. PLOS ONE, 13(11): e0207322.

Hege, A., Ball, L., Christiana, R.W., Wallace, C.*, Hubbard, C.*, Truesdale, D.*, Hege, J.**, Fleming, H.** (2018). Social determinants of health and the effects on quality of life and wellbeing in two rural Appalachia communities: The community members’ perspective and implications for health disparities. Family & Community Health, 41(4): 244-254.

Lemke, M.K., Apostolopoulos, Y., Hege, A., Newman, S., Sönmez, S. (2018). Can subjective sleep problems detect latent sleep disorders among commercial drivers? Accident Analysis & Prevention, 115: 62-72.

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Hege, A., Lemke, M., Apostolopoulos, Y., Perko, M., Sönmez, S., Strack, R. (2017). U.S. Long-Haul Truck Driver Work Organization and the Association with Cardiometabolic Disease Risk. Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health, 72(5): 303-310.

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Lemke, M.K., Apostolopoulos, Y., Hege, A., Wideman, L., Sönmez, S., Muhammad, S. (2017). Work, Sleep, and Cholesterol Levels of U.S. Long-Haul Truck Drivers. Industrial Health, 55(2): 149-161.

Apostolopoulos, Y., Lemke, M.K., Hege, A., Sang, H., Sönmez, S., Wideman, L., Oberlin, D.J.  (2016). Work and Chronic Disease: Comparison of Cardiometabolic Risk Markers Between Truck Drivers and the General U.S. Population.  Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 58(11), 1098-1105.

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Hege, A., Perko, M., Apostolopoulos, Y., Sönmez, S., Strack, R. (2016). The Work Organization of Long-Haul Truck Drivers and the Association with Body Mass Index (BMI).  Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 58(7), 712-717. 

Apostolopoulos, Y., Lemke, M. K., Sönmez, S., & Hege, A.  (2016). The obesogenic environment of commercial trucking: A worksite environmental audit and implications for systems-based interventions.  American Journal of Health Education, 47(2), 85-93.

Apostolopoulos, Y., Sönmez, S., Hege, A, & Lemke, M. K. (2016).  Work Strain, Social Isolation and Mental Health of Long-Haul Truckers.  Occupational Therapy in Mental Health, 32(1), 50-69.

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Book Chapters

Hege, A., Presnell, D.**, Reed-Ashcraft, K., Caldwell, K., Pyles, D., Bouldin, E.D., Warren, J.** (2020). Advocacy and action in Appalachia Aimed at Adverse Childhood Experiences: The Watauga Compassionate Community Initiative. In Handbook of Research on Leadership and Advocacy for Children and Families in Rural Poverty. IGI Global: Hershey PA.

Hege, A., Farris, A., Dailey, A., Julian, M.** (2020). Promoting Nutritional Health, Healthy Food Systems, & Well Being of Community. In Public Health Nutrition: Rural Urban, and Global Community-Based Practice


Barth, M., Bell, R., Grimmer, K., Thompson, K., Hege, A. Eds. (2020). Public Health Nutrition: Rural, Urban, and Global Community-Based Practice. Springer Publishing: New York, NY.


Current Projects


Understanding and addressing health disparities, social determinants of health (food security, adverse childhood experiences, etc.) and quality of life in the rural Appalachia region of North Carolina


Exploring the role of work in relation to health disparities and safety outcomes of U.S. long-haul truck drivers

Title: Associate Professor, PhD, Public Health Education, Public Health Program Director, Graduate Faculty

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