Exercise Science

The Exercise Science degree has an interdisciplinary commitment from scientists and educators to provide students with an understanding of exercise and sports performance. Majors in exercise science can choose optional concentrations in Pre-professional, Strength & Conditioning or Clinical Exercise Physiology.

Pre-professional Concentration

Program of Study: Pre-professional

This course of study provides the science-related foundation required for successful admission to professional schools for students interested in becoming Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Chiropractors, Physicians and Physician's Assistants. The ES Pre-professional concentration has additional requirements which must be met and maintained, including a minimum 3.3 GPA, and grades of B or higher in the Anatomy/Physiology sequence, and B- or higher in the basic science courses.

Strength and Conditioning Concentration

Program of Study: Strength and Conditioning

Students interested in attending graduate school to study exercise science, pursuing a career as a conditioning coach, or working in fitness/wellness programs (personal training, etc.) may want to consider this academic course of study. Strength and Conditioning courses prepare students to work in applied and academic settings by focusing on the science behind exercise and sport performance.

Clinical Exercise Physiology Concentration

Program of Study: Clinical Exercise Physiology

This concentration provides the academic preparation for students interested in working in a clinical setting with a variety of populations which include obese, cardiovascular, pulmonary, metabolic, and pediatric. Classes designed to teach students about specific pathophysiologies and the accompanying exercise recommendations along with a substantial internship experience will prepare students for graduate study or immediate entry into the work force.

Minor in Exercise Science

Program of Study: Minor

A minor in Exercise Science consists of 17-21 semester hours of the following courses:

Anatomy/Physiology Courses: 4 or 8 credit hours
ES 2030 _____(4) Concepts in Human Anatomy and Physiology
ES 2031_____(4) Human Anatomy and Physiology I
ES 2032_____(4) Human Anatomy and Physiology II

Other ES Courses: 13 credit hours
ES 2002_____(3) Introduction to Exercise Science
ES 2005_____(3) Introduction to Physiological Assessment
ES 3002_____(3) Exercise Physiology
ES 3550_____(4) Introduction to Biomechanics

Exercise Science Faculty & Staff

Scott Collier
PhD, Cardiovascular Exercise Science
Exercise Science Graduate Program Director
Graduate Faculty
Convocation Center 046
(828) 262-7145
N. Travis Triplett
PhD, Physiology of Exercise
Exercise Science Undergraduate Program Director
Graduate Faculty
Convocation Center 040
(828) 262-7148
Gregory Anoufriev
Clinical Assistant Professor
MD, Internal Medicine
Convocation Center 085
(828) 262-7466
Melanie Austin
Senior Lecturer
MS, Exercise Science
Convocation Center 055
(828) 262-3142
Rebecca Battista
Associate Professor
PhD, Growth and Motor Development
Convocation Center 014C
(828) 262-3047
Kelly Cole
Professor and Department Chair
PhD, Neuroscience
Graduate Faculty
Convocation Center 039
(828) 262-7154
Zach J. Farris
Visiting Assistant Professor
PhD, Wildlife Conservation
Convocation Center 082
(828) 262-6455
Kimberly Fasczewski
Assistant Professor
PhD, Kinesiology
Graduate Faculty
Convocation Center 032
(828) 262-7987
Rebecca Kappus
Assistant Professor
PhD, Kinesiology, Nutrition and Rehabilitation
Graduate Faculty
Convocation Center 038
(828) 262-7214
Steven McAnulty
PhD, Human Exercise Science
Graduate Faculty
Convocation Center 048
(828) 262-7151
Jeffrey McBride
PhD, Human Movement Studies
Graduate Faculty
Convocation Center 045
(828) 262-6333
Marco Meucci
Assistant Professor
PhD, Physical Activity and Health
Graduate Faculty
Convocation Center 050
(828) 262-2935
Matthew Rogatzki
Assistant Professor
Convocation Center 014B
(828) 262-7986
Andrew Shanely
Associate Professor
PhD, Exercise Physiology
Graduate Faculty
Convocation Center 14D
(828) 262-6319
Caroline Smith
Assistant Professor
PhD, Thermal Physiology
Graduate Faculty
Convocation Center 052
(828) 265-8652
Abigail Stickford
Assistant Professor
PhD, Human Performance
Graduate Faculty
Convocation Center 038
(828) 262-7214
Jonathon Stickford
Assistant Professor
PhD, Human Performance
Graduate Faculty
Convocation Center 063A
(828) 262-7471
Herman van Werkhoven
Assistant Professor
PhD, Biomechanics
Graduate Faculty
Convocation Center 053
(828) 262-7120
Kevin Zwetsloot
Associate Professor
PhD, Bioenergetics
Graduate Faculty
Convocation Center 014A
(828) 262-7281