Neural Cardiovascular Control Laboratory


Welcome to the Neural Cardiovascular Control Lab (NCCL) at Appalachian State University!

The NCCL focuses on the autonomic control of circulation and vascular function, under conditions of health, stress (e.g., pregnancy, exercise), and disease. 

The lab is located within Leon Levine Hall's Electrophysiology Lab (LHS 120)  and collaborates closely with other laboratories (e.g., Exercise and Respiratory Physiology Lab, Cardiovascular Research Laboratory). The lab is equipped with a microneurography system (Iowa Biosystems, Nerve Traffic Analysis system) to directly measure activity of sympathetic nerves, a noninvasive beat-to-beat blood pressure monitor, a tilt bed, and an ultrasound machine to take images of major blood vessels.  Additionally, the lab has use of treadmills and (upper and lower body) cycle ergometers, metabolic carts, a BodPod to assess body composition, SphygmoCor to analyze arterial pressure waveforms, and more!




Abigail Stickford, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Health and Exercise Science