Muscle Metabolism-Perfusion Laboratory (MMPL)

The Muscle Metabolism-Perfusion Laboratory (MMPL) is dedicated to understanding the interplay between human skeletal muscles and the surrounding vasculature in healthy and diseased populations.

We assess muscle blood flow and oxygen utilization using an integrative physiologic approach to better understand the cross-talk between these systems which may be limiting exercise capacity in aging and different cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension and heart failure.

Study Enrollment

Current Investigations

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Research Training

We are always looking to give student-trainees a hands-on learning experience.

Email us if you are interested in joining our group.


Our laboratory looks forward to collaborating with other researchers and clinicians in a bench-to-bedside manner to better understand the impact of current clinical practice on skeletal muscle metabolism and blood flow regulation among various populations while also applying novel strategies to mitigate symptoms, disease progression, and recovery.


Contact Information

Stephen Ratchford, PhDDr. Steve Ratchford

Department of Health and Exercise Science

Leon Levine Hall of Health Sciences, Office 444

Appalachian State University



MMPL Location

LLHS Building

Muscle Metabolism-Perfusion Laboratory

Leon Levine Hall of Health Sciences

Appalachian State University

1179 State Farm Rd, Room 128

PO Box 32071

Boone, NC 28608


MMPL's First Lab Meeting

Thank you to all of our interested trainees.

We had a good turn out for the start of the semester.

MMPL - lab meeting 1


MMPL - lab meeting 2


MMPL - lab meeting 3