INL Research Assistants

To aid in the advancement of the Injury Neuromechanics Lab, we are looking for highly motivated undergraduate research assistants and student researchers.

  • Research Assistants will be involved in the data collection and analysis of any ongoing projects in the laboratory. Associated responsibilities include instrumenting subjects with surface EMG electrodes, overseeing documentation throughout data collection, and processing data to extract variables of interest.
  • Student Researchers will be responsible for conducting a research project of their choosing with the ultimate goal of presenting the findings at the National Athletic Trainers’ Association conference and/or as a published manuscript in a peer-reviewed journal. Student researchers must be highly motivated. In addition to assisting with ongoing lab projects, these students will be required to conduct a thorough literature review, recruit participants, conduct all data collection and analysis, and interpret the data in the form of a manuscript.

As the field of sports medicine has shifted towards incorporating evidence-based practice on a daily basis, exposure to research has become highly sought after for those interested in practicing clinically or pursuing graduate education. More tangible benefits of participating as a Research Assistant or Student Researcher include the potential to obtain credit hours through an Independent Study, as well as pursuing awards from the Office of Student Research.