Injury Laboratory

Appalachian State University Injury Neuromechanics Lab

The Injury Lab is located within Leon Levine Hall's Electrophysiology (LHS 120) & Biomechanics (LHS 125) laboratories on the Appalachian State University campus under the direction of Dr. Alan Needle. Its primary purpose is to conduct groundbreaking research in the field of sports medicine by studying the effects of injury on joint mechanics and the nervous system.  To accomplish this, we conduct innovative studies that observe how the relationship between joint stiffness and neuromuscular function changes following injury, as well as what therapeutic modalities or training techniques may serve to modify this relationship.

Our lab utilizes a series of unique instruments to conduct our research including transcranial magnetic stimulation, peripheral nerve stimulation, electromyography, and joint arthrometry along with multiple clinical assessment tools and an array of customized software. 

Equipment Includes:

  • Customized Blue Bay Research Ankle Arthrometer
  • MagStim 200-2 Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator with Double Conical Coil
  • Digitimer Peripheral Nerve Stimulator
  • Delsys Bagnoli-4 Electromyography System
  • Biodex Balance System
  • Ankle Volumeter
  • Y-Balance Test System

For current projects and further information, please visit our webpage at