Laboratory Personnel

We are continuously looking for highly motivated undergraduate and graduate students to assist in the research efforts of the Exercise & Respiratory Physiology Laboratory. If interested in one of the opportunities below, please contact Dr. Stickford directly. His contact information can be found here.

Graduate Students

Graduate Student Researchers will be responsible for conducting a research project (i.e., thesis project) in cooperation with Dr. Stickford with the ultimate goal of presenting project findings at a regional or national conference and as a published manuscript in a peer-reviewed journal. Student researchers must be highly motivated. In addition to assisting with ongoing lab projects, these students will be required to conduct a thorough literature review, recruit participants, conduct testing protocols, analyze and interpret collected data, and disseminate results in the form of a manuscript.

Current Graduate Student Researchers

Marc Augenreich 

Marc A

Marc is a first year graduate student from Cornelius, NC. He holds a BS in Exercise Science from Appalachian State University. Currently working in the lab in the GRAM program furthering the labs critical research projects. His plans involve diving further into the research process by completing a thesis and continuing to a MDPhD program following a MS in Exercise Science. In his free time, he can be found cycling/running around the high country, weight lifting, and backpacking. 

Valesha Province


I am from Tiffin, Ohio and received my bachelor's degree at Denison University (Granville, Ohio) majoring in Health, Exercise and Sport Studies, and minoring in Biology. I also played basketball (Go Big Red)! I am pursuing a master's degree in Exercise Science, with concentration in Strength and Conditioning. I also work in the Neural Cardiovascular Control Lab; my primary interest lies in strength and conditioning, but love to expand my knowledge and learn other ways to improve health and performance. My goal after graduation is to be a collegiate strength coach at a Division 3 institution. In my free time I enjoy playing pick-up basketball, lifting, and hiking. 


Current Undergraduate Students

As an undergraduate degree in exercise science becomes increasingly popular, especially prior to pursuing various professional degrees (e.g., medicine, dental, physical therapy, etc.), exposure to research is strongly encouraged for those interested in practicing clinically or pursuing graduate education. Undergraduate students will assist with the completion of ongoing projects within the laboratory. Dr. Stickford also is available to mentor Honors thesis projects.

Taylor Lovci


Taylor is a fourth year undergraduate student from Asheville, NC pursuing her BS of Exercise Science. Her current research interest involves the effects that different attentional focusing strategies has on the coupling of running and breathing mechanics. Her plan is to further her education after undergrad and attend a Doctorate of Physical Therapy program. In her free time, Taylor enjoys photography, traveling, hiking, and weight lifting. 

Kennedy Williams 

Kennedy Williams

 I’m currently a first year undergraduate pre- med student majoring in Exercise Science with a pre-professional concentration and minoring in French. I am also in the early stages of my journey to becoming an Obstetrician/Gynecologist. I decided to join undergraduate research because I believe that it’s a great way for all students advance in their career and acquire knowledge on a greater spectrum of academia. During my down time I really enjoy crafting, riding my yellow bike that was inspired by Curious George, painting, dancing to Afro-French pop music, and mentoring young adults in leadership within my community. It truly helps with balancing out an intensive schedule.

Sera Denlea 

Sera Denlea

Sera is a third year undergraduate exercise science major with a minor in nutrition and is from Charlotte, NC. Her interest lies in the amazing physiological functions of the human body, and applying this knowledge to help and provide care to those promoting the longevity and best possible quality of life. In her free time, Sera likes to hike, draw, and she is involved with instructing group fit classes on campus.

Former Students 

Jayvaughn Oliver (2017-2019): Currently working on completing requirements for DO school.

Erica Hartzill (2018-2019): Currently an Exercise Physiologist, specializing in Cardiac Rehabillitation.

Dalton Fletcher (2018-2019): Currently an Exercise Physiologist, specializing in peripheral artery disease, at Moses Cone Hospital in Greensboro, NC 

John Cantu (2017-2019): Currently pursuing DPT at East Carolina University. 

Erica Larson (2016-2019): Currently an Exercise Physiologist, specializing in Cardiac Rehabilitation in Seattle, WA.

Hannah Synder (2016-2018): Currently the Assistant Swimming Coach at Lees-McRae College in Banner Elk, NC.

Vincent Georgescu (2015-17): Currently pursuing PhD with Markus Amann at the University of Utah 

Christina Janushevich (2015-17): Currently pursing DPT at Medical School of South Carolina 

Taylor Burns (2016-17): Currently employed as a CNA at Lincoln Rehab Center  


Additional benefits of participating within the laboratory include the potential to obtain credit hours for research assistance (e.g., Thesis, Independent Study), as well as pursuing awards from the Office of Student Research.