Internship and Practicum


Exercise Science majors are currently required to (on undergraduate catalog years before 20-21, or depending on the graduate concentration), or have the option to complete a field experience which is either an internship or a practicum.  This field experience can be completed in any semester (fall, spring, summer), ideally after an undergraduate student has reached junior or senior standing and after a significant portion of the upper-level major courses have been completed (graduate students can enroll any time during their program).  The course numbers and basic requirements are as follows (see the latest course catalogs at for the course descriptions and prerequisites, etc):

ES 3900/5900 Internship (1-12 credits): 40 work hours per undergraduate-level credit enrolled/50 work hours per graduate-level credit enrolled, including any site-required assignments

ES 4050 Practicum: Pre-Professional (3 credits): 40 total work hours in addition to various assignments from ES faculty member

ES 4060/5060 Practicum: Strength and Conditioning (3 credits): 75 total work hours including any site-required assignments

The name of the course refers to the type of experience that the site can provide, NOT to the concentration that the student may be in.  Undergraduate students in the ES-General track can take ANY of the above undergraduate-level courses (<5000).

  • The course instructor will work with the students regarding the required hours that will need to be logged and any other course requirements.  Registration for course credit is completed by the course instructor within the Internship/Practicum Inventory, and the site information sheet AND contract signature page must be completed before registration can occur (and before any work at the site can be done).  The steps to complete the registration process and links to the required forms are below.  There is also an informational meeting each semester to assist students with finding appropriate sites and with obtaining the required paperwork.

              Powerpoint (pdf) about how to get started with the Internship/Practicum process


1) Complete the appropriate site information sheet (see list below)---please select this carefully and with confirmation of how many hours the site can provide

2) You and a representative of the site should both sign the Contract Signature Page (click to download)

3) Submit BOTH forms to the person listed on the site information sheet; those individuals are also listed below

4) DEADLINES: April 1 for summer sessions, August 1 for fall semester, November 15 for spring semester

*ALL students are required to have a background check prior to being enrolled in practicum or internship credits, effective Fall 2020.  There is a nominal fee that is the responsibility of the student, and the background check will be initiated by the student (upon receiving an email link on how to request the background check) and the results will be reported to the Beaver College of Health Sciences Dean's office. 

Students may also be asked to get immunizations, complete training, have a drug screen, etc for a practicum/internship host site.   The site will tell the student whether this is a requirement. 

Students may also be asked to initiate an ‘affiliation agreement’ between the site and the university. This can take 2-3 months to complete. All requests for this should go to Dr. Triplett.

Site Information Sheets (only one of the following needed)

Site Information Sheet ES 3900/5900 Internship

Site Information Sheet ES 4050 Pre-Professional Practicum (for sites that provide experiences in the health professions or health/fitness environments)

Site Information Sheet ES 4060/5060 S&C Practicum (for sites that provide experiences in strength/conditioning/human performance environments) 

Contact information

ES 3900/5900: Dr. Travis Triplett,

ES 4050 Pre-Professional Practicum:  Ms. Melanie Austin,

ES 4060/5060 Strength and Conditioning Practicum: Dr. Travis Triplett,



Beaver College of Health Sciences Background Check Policy 

Frequently Asked Questions

Undergraduate Internship/Practicum Manual

Graduate Internship/Practicum Manual

Potential Sites (updated periodically---check regularly)