About the Program

Appalachian State University Athletic Training Program

A Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training is no longer available to newly enrolled bachelor's degree seeking students at Appalachian State University. The Master of Science in Athletic Training (MS-AT) program began in May 2020. The MS-AT curriculum consists of 68 credit hours and is designed to be a two-year program that follows a progressive clinical model. Annually, candidates are able to apply via ATCAS starting on July 1st, and the deadline is the following February 1st.  The MS-AT program begins only in the first summer session (late May) of the academic year. For more information, contact our Program Director, Dr. Ashley Goodman.


MS-AT Program of Study Information

The program begins in the first Summer Session and is designed to be a two-year program. A link to the MS-AT program of study is provided below. An evidence-based capstone experience is required for each student. Students will be directed toward two options: 1) research thesis, or 2) research project (e.g., systematic review, critically appraised topic, or quality improvement project). If a student chooses the research thesis option, AT 5999 would be substituted for AT 5970. All capstones must be evidence-based and should result in a product worthy of dissemination. Students must pass a year one comprehensive exam prior to attending their year two fall immersive clinical rotation.   Completion of the MS-AT program leads to eligibility to sit for the Board of Certification© examination.  The MS-AT Program is undergoing accreditation by the CAATE and is on course to gain accreditation by April 2022.

Accelerated Admission: Earn a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and a Master of Science in Athletic Training at Appalachian State University! 

Students enrolled at Appalachian State University may choose to pursue the Accelerated Master's option and apply for admittance into the Master of Science in Athletic Training (MS-AT) program after having completed three years of outstanding undergraduate coursework at Appalachian State University.  However, this program is academically rigorous and requires significant advanced planning beginning with freshman coursework.  Individuals interested in pursuing the Accelerated Master's option must contact the MS-AT Accelerated Admissions Coordinator, Dr. Jennifer Howard (howardjs@appstate.edu), for additional information and to discuss course sequencing.  Accelerated Master's applicants do not need to complete an ATCAS application; however, they must apply to the Cratis D. Williams Graduate School by February 1st of the spring semester prior to starting graduate coursework.


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